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Design music, edm, dj, studio record logo

For musicians, building marketable content isn’t just about creating good music, but also establishing a striking visual identity. DJs in particular often use a special name and a DJ logo to better exude their sound and vibe. Whether you’re an up-and-coming DJ or a professional rebranding their image, use Canva’s free design and customization tools for creating your best DJ logo design.

Logos are often very symbolic of a brand’s identity. As creative professionals, DJs can step out of the box and explore new designs. The more unique a logo is, the more memorable it can be. You’ll find many design inspirations for your DJ logo from our online templates gallery. Looking for neon effects to suit your techno vibe? Simple sound waves to fit your chill tempo? Maybe you want something more minimal so that it can suit your versatile, genre-bending beats. Or, you might prefer a more professional DJ logo for your audio company.