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I will be your business contracts and agreement law attorney

I provide contracts for your business: staff, contractors, consultants, clients. The contract will have all the necessary clauses including confidentiality, legislated leave provisions, non-compete, restraint of trade and more. Customized to your business and ready in a day.

I love freelancing for the chance of pace from my normal day job and the ability to work on diverse, interesting legal issues. I’m flexible with my working hours and most excited about being able to help and impact in whatever project you’re working on.

some of documents I will help you with include;

Artist-Agent Agreement
Commission Sales Agreement
Company Policies
Confidentiality Agreement
Consignment Agreement
Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
Contract for the Sale of Goods
Employee Handbook
Employee Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement
Employment Contract
End-User Software Licence Agreement
Job Descriptions
Sales & Purchase Agreement
General Bye-Laws
IP Sale Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Installment Payment Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Lease Agreement
Letters to Applicants and Employees
LLC Operating Agreement
Loan Agreement
Power of Attorney
Partnership Agreement