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I will be your UX copy writer


It will be my concern and pleasure to discuss your needs with you to find the best service for you

UX writing is EVERYWHERE and is something to look out for to create a simple and rewarding experience for the people browsing your space.

What is UX writing in a nutshell? It is the writing of short texts designed ad hoc to guide the person on your site.

What are these lyrics like?

· Clear, not transparent

· Concise: less is more

· Consistent: otherwise it is chaos

· Information with management

· Structured, that they are found

· Targeted, not crowded

· Inclusive: accessible to all

What can I write for you:

Titles and subtitles
Instructions for completing or taking an action
Fields in a form to purchase or reserve a product or service;
Inside page navigation labels;
Call to action and buttons
Subject of an email or newsletter;
Form fields to leave your information;
Error messages
Information messages
Details of a product sheet
Tips for your site users