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I will cast a spiritual reiki healing to clean your energy

Reiki is at its core a transfer of energy. While this transfer is very easily facilitated by touch, an experienced Reiki Master can project that same healing energy to interact with the personal energy fields of anyone on Earth. After 27 years of experience, I have mastered this ability.

Reiki is an ancient arabic healing technique based which has been abundantly used for remote healing because it relies on transmission of highly specializes energy waves to the target person. It can be used for both emotional and physical wellbeing of a person.

Through years of practice I have mastered the art of clearing your body of all negative energy and replacing it with positive energy vibes. It can make you feel like a new person with abundant energy reserves.

In advanced levels of reiki and spiritual healing we remove all evil powers which include hexes spells curses and witchcrafts .

In premium cast we have also the protection from all evil forces in comming steps and forever .