I will conduct your online survey with up to 500 US consumers - Digital services in 500+ categories. world works together Dillpo connects businesses with freelancers offering Freelancer profile

I will conduct your online survey with up to 500 US consumers

I will run an online survey to US consumers and report the results

Contact me before placing your order.


All surveys will be run on my Pro SurveyMonkey Account
Respondents come from a nationwide panel of US consumers (not businesses).
All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided)


Survey summary report (Online version)
Response details (includes IP’s & timestamps)

Optional (Extra cost)

Add questions
Open-ended questions
Insert Images/Video/Long Texts
PDF/Excel Exports & Advanced Reports


You may NOT collect emails/contact info. No CPA offers
You may NOT send people to your website/app/link
Demographics NOT included unless you ask those questions

Other services (Contact me)

Survey Editing
Custom orders
A/B testing

Audience Targeting

The Standard Package provides targeting of common US Consumer groups e.g. by age, gender, interests, etc. (Average Americans – No CEOs/specialists) Contact me before ordering

Question Types

Multiple choice, checkbox & rating are included. Open-Ended questions cost extra

About Me

I have been running market research studies for 15+ years

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