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I will create and optimize google ads adwords ppc campaigns

** I only work in Spanish***

* Please contact me before ordering to discuss your expectations *

I am a certified Google Ads professional with over 12 years of experience managing and optimizing Google Ads AdWords PPC campaigns.

I will set up your Google Ads campaign and then optimize it for 2 weeks or monthly, no matter how many keywords and negative words we need to add to optimize the campaign.

Scope of work in this Gig:

1. New campaign setup in your Google Ads account based on order details

2. Analysis of your website

– For Standard or Premium Plan:

3. Analyze keyword performance and add new relevant keywords on an ongoing basis.

4. Add negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level

5. Make sure all ad extensions work properly.

6. Set your campaign to appear only at the best times of the day by scheduling ads.

7. Set up a campaign to show ads in the best performing placements.

8. Suggest new campaigns or types of campaigns for better results