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I will create animated marketing video or promotional video ads

Hello, welcome to my Gig!

Since I am based in Pakistan and use Fiverr full-time, my clients will receive quicker service. I have seven years of expertise in the field of animation, have worked with several well-known businesses internationally, and have completed more than 2000 projects.


Step: 1 Requirement

We make sure I have everything I need to complete your project successfully.

Step: 2 Scriptwriting

I’ll create the video script according to your style requirements, preferences, and brand guidelines.

Step: 3 Voiceover

I’ll record a voice-over according to the script.

Step: 4 Animation

I’ll create animations based on your style requirements, references, and brand guidelines.

Step: 5 Delivery

You’ll review the final delivery and see if you need changes.


I will handle all aspects of your video

Scriptwriting, Studio Voice Over, Video Creation, and Unlimited Free Revisions!

I work full-time on Fiverr so I am available 24/7 for your video needs.

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