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I will do a screencast instructional or tutorial video

The Basic Gig is approximately 60 seconds in length and up to 150 words of your script and web based application. (Data Entry is not included.) Divide the number of words in your script by 150 and that is the number of gigs to order.

A SCRIPT IS REQUIRED!!!!! Even if I am not doing the voice over.

The basic order will give you:

60 seconds of screen recording (data entry is not included)
up to 150 words voice over
One transition of fade in and fade out.
Full HD Output

Check out my extras or send me a message before you order if you have questions. For example, Filling out Data on the screen is extra (listed as video enhancements).

I will need clear instructions on what you want me to do and you must provide a script. A story board or screen shots are preferred.

The more detail you can give me the better the product will be in the end. Some of the info I will need would be:

If you want me to perform a task first then talk about it.
Or you want me to talk about a task first then perform it.
If you want mouse highlights and clicks.
Use a storyboard or ask me how to create one.

You can never be detailed enough!

Check out my extras and if you don’t see it there. PLEASE ASK!