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I will do a transcription and create the sheet music of any song

$20 minimum order includes 3 minutes of melody transcription or 2 minutes of piano transcription.

Please Check the PDF price table in my gallery

I’m an academic and popular musician and I can help you:

I can transcribe any song and create a sheet music. I accept home recordings, Youtube or audio files.
I can transcribe main melody, intermediate lines, bass, chords, accompanying arpeggios or anything else.
I can create individual parts from a PDF score: Violin II, flute II, trombone I, etc. (It includes 150 active bars per Gig).
I will manually copy note by note for best results and I’ll pay attention to any indication in score: Tempo, articulations, dynamics, rehearsal letter, lyrics, etc.
I can adapt music to another instrument (It could increase the price). Don’t worry about register, clef, or transposing.

Basic $20 Gig includes:

2 minutes – polyphonic transcription (1 instrument like piano)

3 minutes – Melody transcription (1 instrument)

You’ll need to add additional melody or polyphonic lines until complete your order.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.