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I will do an astrology reading of your birth chart

A comprehensive, affordable, Jungian style natal-chart astrology reading focusing on archetypes, past life karma, life purpose, and destiny points using ancient and modern techniques …

In my day job, I’m a scientist. Astrology reading is my side job calling.

I also offer various extras.

I do not make predictions and I do not talk about anything negative.

I give 200% to all my work & deliver long audio recordings (2-3 hours). For my premium gig, I typically deliver over 3 hours of audio reading. This service would usually cost ballpark $300-400 USD if you were to go by the rate typical Astrologers charge. Plus, you’d need to either get into their waiting list and then wait months to get your reading.

I do this primarily as a karmic service also, I love making a difference since astrology has done more for me & my life in terms of finding my life purpose & peace than has any other subject I have ever encountered.

Due to the energetic toll & the time it takes, I appreciate your empathy & understanding re back & fourth questions/comments. I try my best to cover all that I know could help you & cannot afford