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I will do bulk b2b business phone number lead generation

I am a seller on this platform gaining trust of countless clients in services I provide.

Professionally, I am an Artificial intelligence Masters student with an advanced specialization in Web scraping, Automation and Lead generation. Along with years of experience in this industry, I have already completed 126 successful works in Fiverr.

What do you (client) provide in this gig ?

Particular topics or keywords over which you require phone number and other details and the targeted location.

What do I offer ?

1) List collection of phone numbers

2) Generate prospective leads through internet research and scraping

3) Web scraping for leads in various sites

4) Scrape for emails according to particular location and keyword

Fields Available are:

Business name

Phone Number



Email (Only if possible)

Any one can scrape internet for data and phone numbers. But only problem is ,you know in these task. QUALITY !!

Please contact be before you order for the highest quality of work

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