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I will do extensive genealogical research for your family tree

Finding as much information pertaining to your ancestors is what I do best! I will look for: birth, marriage, death records; immigration records; places of residence/origin; names of parents, siblings, spouses and/or children; occupation and more. I am a very persistent researcher, I have found surprising information from church records, monographs, censuses, public and private archives, genealogical societies, online forums and even archeological excavations.

My areas of expertise are in English, French & Spanish speaking countries such as North America (Canada, Quebec, United States), South America (Chile, Peru, Argentina), France, Spain & England. I am not limited to these locations, message me and let’s work together!

In general, I am pretty confident that historical records are available somewhere but sometimes, for all sorts of reasons, some records have been lost, destroyed in fires and floods, while others have been improperly recorded or misplaced. Because of these reasons, I cannot guarantee results, but I will work hard to provide you the information you seek.

No matter the chosen package, I will provide you with all documents that I come across.