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I will edit, and post produce your podcast

As a Full-Time VoiceOver Artist who has delivered 2000+ voiceovers here on Fiverr alone, I have honed my skills in audio editing and mixing. I would love to put my skills and experience to work to help make your Podcast sound its best for your listeners!

To make your Podcast audio shine, I will:

Reduce background noise
Normalize, Brighten and Even Out dialogue volume levels
Reduce room reverb/ echo
Reduce mouth noise and extraneous noises, long pauses, and stumbles/mistakes (ums and ahs)
I can mix in your music, intros and outros and/or sound effects that you provide
Professional software suites I use: Full Adobe App suite and RX10 Izotope Advanced audio repair suite
I offer the option to professionally record your Intro & Outro with a script that you provide for $30USD (Check the gig extra for this service)

*Please understand that not all audio can be repaired, I will do my best to make your Podcast sound its best. If you have questions, don’t be shy, send me a message and I work with you to find the best solution. This gig is for audio only, I do not offer video services.