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I will help you negotiate your salary or give you career advice

Often times people approach salary negotiation demanding more money with no other negotiation tactic. This typically leads to not getting the results you were hoping for.

I will provide a list of actionable tips for salary negotiation, or review your situation with you via phone. I can answer your questions, and give you specific advice based on your situation.

If you need advice on which direction to take your career, I can offer objective insight and help determine steps to get to where you want to be in your career. Career coaching can help reassure you’ve made the right decision, or help point you in a better direction.

While I can’t guarantee that big raise or promotion, you will be armed with the right talking points and the right approach. I have been negotiating win-win resolutions for 8+ years in the business world. Let me put my experience to use for you.

Why go into a compensation review without discussing your plan of attack first? Why make a career decision without discussing it with a neutral party first? Go in prepared, and get the best result possible!

*Please message me before purchasing to determine which package would be most appropriate*