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I will make a remote theta healing as your spiritual advisor

♛ Welcome! Get a spiritual healing done by a true spiritual advisor♛

Theta Thealing is a set of techniques that allow us to access the subconscious to change thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us.

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement on the mind, body and spirit level.

In the Theta Therapeutic Method, using a simple technique we consciously enter this Theta frequency and there we connect with the highest Consciousness that exists within us and governs all Creation.

The ThetaHealing method offers helps with:

 Separation pain

 Problems in a relationship

 Stress

 Anxiety

 Broken Soul healing and Broken Heart healing

 Manifesting success

 Self Love

 Clearing and opening of the Chakras

 Activating of the DNA

 Deleting Curses, Promises, Vows

 Releasing Karmic Involvements

 Releasing Energetic Attachments and external energies

 Load your subconscious mind with positive thoughts


Live Consultation
Broken Soul Healing
Energetc Divorce
Animal Healing
Akashic Field Healing

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