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I will mix and master your rock, metal, or pop punk song

For bigger projects or if we’ve never worked together, please message me first.

I’ve spent the last 7 years touring internationally and producing music professionally. I’ve released 3 albums on Equal Vision Records, and have charted on the Billboard Charts.

Hear more of my work: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0lVp8iSm18dnXXh7Io4sOn?si=a59bf404f1384f0b

What I Do

Modern rock, pop punk and metal requires a great understanding of modern mixing techniques. Your track will receive

Noise Gate, or noise reduction
Parallel Compression
Stereo Panning
Reverb, delay, chorus (whatever effects are called for)
Multiband bus compression and dynamic EQ

Package add ons include:

High quality guitar and bass re-amping
Advanced midi drums
Vocal correction/alignment

Every song will receive personal attention, no one size fits all automated presets!

What You Get

HQ wav and mp3 file of your mastered track
Instrumental and acapella versions available under Gig Extras
That warm feeling inside when you hear your music reaches it’s potential 🙂

What I Need

A folder with wav stems LABELED