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I will poll 1 survey question to 100 US consumers

I will get 100 random people from survey panel of US consumers to answer one multiple-choice survey question about almost anything you’d like to know.

Please contact me to confirm details before ordering

You will receive the standard online report generated by my Pro SurveyMonkey account.

*All polls will be run on my SurveyMonkey account*
*You may not collect contact information from the respondents*


All respondents are part of a representative nationwide panel of US consumers. All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided).

– Survey summary report (online version)
– All response details (includes IP’s & timestamps)

Gig Extras – These enhancements require a gig extra or custom offer
Contact me for more details or a custom quote
Open-ended questions (vs. multiple-choice)
Custom/Targeted audiences
Extra questions
Image insertion
Excel or PDF version of the online report

Custom Audience – Contact me before ordering:

If you want to target a specific group of US consumers (like “women” or “people under 30,”) order the Premium gig. I cannot reach Businesses or Executives, MDs, etc.