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I will produce an accurate transcription of any music recording


I am a professional working musician with 7+ years experience in music transcription and arranging. I can take any musical recording, either audio or video, and produce accurate sheet music for it which can be used for performance or study, and I am more than willing to be flexible to accommodate your individual requirements. If you would like to perform the piece with a different instrumental setup to the original, then I can also rearrange it to sound its best with your chosen group of instruments. I am willing to work to whatever level of detail is most useful to you, from simple chord lead sheets to full musical scores. All of my work is professionally formatted with ease of reading and performance in mind.

If you are have a piece that you need transcribed, please send a message to me directly before placing an order, so that I can fully understand your requirements and ensure that you get the best suited product for your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!