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I will produce podcast audio editing, edit and mix your podcast

Do you have a podcast or audio that needs audio editing to have it sound professional?

20+ yrs experience audio editing and mastering
Great client satisfaction
3,000+ podcast editing orders

Rest easy that you’ll receive the best support and audio quality possible to take your podcast to the next level.

All Podcast Editing Packages Include

Simple noise/reverb reduction

Trim front and end of audio

Add your intro/outro/music

Audio enhancement and mastering

How to Order

1) Choose a package based on total minutes

2) Select add-ons

*one episode per order

Additional Options (extra charge)

Advanced Editing 1 qty per 10 minutes of RAW audio ($10 per 10 min)
Show Notes 1 qty per 10 minutes of audio ($10 per 10 min)
Podcasting Consultation
Social Media Audiograms

Advanced Editing (add-on $10 per 10 minutes) reduces “ums” “ahs” pauses, and mistakes. I’ll listen through the entire audio

Show Notes add value with a summary of your podcast

Social media clips are for stories and feed

Video version of your podcast episode for YouTube with an image

First time ordering? Please read the description, FAQ, and send a message before ordering

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