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I will tune, edit , mix and add effects on your vocals


Are you looking for Vocal mixing ,tuning and mastering service ?

And you want to make your vocal sound Natural and perfectly pitched using Melodyne ?

Or you want some EQ, Noise Reduction, Delay, Reverb, Harmony, Vocoder Effect and mastering for your vocals?

If Yes, Then you are in the right place.

Hello my name is MANISH. I will mix your vocals with perfection. I have been mixing and mastering numerous Pop & EDM artists for years and have Radio quality, I use my experience and knowledge in every projects. I will bring out the best in your vocals .

My Vocal mixing, tuning and mastering service includes

Vocal mixing, tuning and mastering
Manual Tuning Using Melodyne
Vocoder effect for your Vocals.
Editing, Denoising, Time Shifting, Pitch Changing for your Vocal Track
Effect Processing like Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Vocal Doubler, Making Vocals Airy, and fit to the track etc.

All I need is a vocal track as well as the backing track of your song.

contact me first before placing the order so we can discuss further your project.

NOTE: Please contact me first If you do not have the beat and vocals separate, or unable to get them separate,