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I will tune vocals with melodyne or autotune

About This Gig:

I provide Vocal Tuning / Mixing / Harmony, with the possibility of time alignment. Free mastering of the song is included with the package “Standard” and “Premium”!

I’m a professional mixed engineer. I have 13 years of experience in mixing various genres of songs.

What I offer:

Manual Vocal Tuning note by note on your vocal track using Melodyne (or Autotune)
Mixing of your Vocal Track (add EQ, Compression, Effects, …)
Creation of a Harmony Vocal Track (Extra Services)
Free mastering (with the package “Standard” and “Premium”)
HQ .wav as a final result

What I need from you:

Demo of the song before you place your order
I accept Logic Pro X session, Audacity, and Garageband.
Your isolated Lead vocal track and Back vocal track (dry, no reverb, delay). One file – one vocal track.
Please send me the instrumental track separately.

I can offer different levels of correction: from a natural to a heavily auto-tuned voice, depending on what you need.

Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss your song together and I can understand better what you want out of your vocals.

Feel free to message me with questions.

We will do a great job!