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I will write powerful UX copy for your mobile app

When it comes to speaking to your users and presenting your business, it’s crucial to have a smooth content flow and carefully chosen words to move your users to your desired action.

With my background in

UX Writing (Portfolio: http://bit.ly/Writing_Portfolio_Akanksha), Blogging (https://akanksha-sharma1191.medium.com/),

Social Media Marketing and Brand Management, I have learnt the skill to craft

content that you and your audience will instantly connect with. Passion for the English language helped me score 730 on GMAT and 110 on TOEFL and I channelize the same love to translate your game-changing ideas into effective microcopy.

This gig is perfect if you need to improve:

· Main headlines, buttons and descriptions in your app

· Onboarding, login, and registration flows to be seamless

· Conversational error and success messages and notifications

· Guiding your customers on every screen and page to make sure they easily find what they need – and keep coming back

I’ll grasp your business idea and polish or create your content to make sure your app turns out to be something you are proud of every day 🙂