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I will write sustainability articles and blog posts

Looking for sustainability blog posts & articles that captivate, rank & convert? Grab a seat!

I’m a seasoned fashion & sustainability writer of hundreds of 1st-page ranking zero-waste living, slow fashion guides, and corporate sustainability deep-dives (PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE).

With almost 10 of expertise in media and publishing, my articles have been published by leading digital magazines & blogs including Sustainably Kind Living, Net Zero Company, Kapes, Rewind Vintage Affairs & IndieGetUp.

My 1st-page ranking writing alchemy? Friendly, energetic & fun content that speaks the language of the target reader and inspires action.

How? With an exclusive approach based on human decision-making, consumer behavior, and advertising studies.

Whom do I write for?

Blog Owners – eg. Sustainably Kind Living
Brand Owners – like Net Zero Co
Consultants & Educators – eg. Kapes co
Marketing Agencies – like Impact.eco
Non-Profits / NGO’s & more

Types of sustainability articles:

Zero-waste shopping guides
Textiles, materials/ingredients
Circular fashion
Green technologies
Web 3 for sustainability
Humanitarian and Environmental impacts of unsustainable living
Company News