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I will write your SEO podcast show notes

Podcast notes (show notes) provide a written summary of your podcast episode. Don’t worry about the number of orders in the queue, I can start on your podcast notes today.

It gives your podcast website visitors the information about your episode at a glance without overwhelming them with a transcript. Shownotes might include topics discussed, summaries, key points (quotes), resources and outside links.

I’ll listen to, and create shownotes for your podcast episodes, up to 15 minutes. If your podcast episode is longer than that, just order 1 gig ($5) per 15 minutes of audio.

Current Rate: 1 gig ($5) = up to 15 minutes of podcast audio

Expected Output: 225 words (from up to 15 minutes of audio)

Multiple episodes in one order is fine! Just order based on the total number of audio minutes, no matter how many episodes you have.

Show notes include:

a quick summary of your podcast episode with bio about your guest (if applicable)
key points and important information
relevant links (URLs), mentions of tools or books
timestamps referencing specific moments

I can provide samples of my notes upon request or conform to your existing podcast show notes template.