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The best non profit logo with unlimited revision

Logos are designed to be easily understood. However, don’t confuse this with thinking there isn’t much to them. The anatomy of an effective logo is much more complex than it might initially appear.

Before diving into specific nonprofit logo examples, understand that each component plays an important role in the overall composition of your logo. Some common elements you’ll want to consider when designing yours include:

Wordmark: This is the part of the logo that displays the brand name. Considering that it explicitly identifies the brand, you’ll want to make sure it’s stylistic while also legible.
Tagline: Usually paired with the wordmark, the tagline (AKA slogan) provides more information about the brand. Ideally, ensure your tagline contrasts with the wordmark by using smaller or more condensed typography.
Frame: This optional nonprofit logo element encloses the design with decorative lines. It can be as simple as a stamp shape or black lines that form a box. The idea of a frame is to give your logo a definite shape.
Colors: People naturally associate certain colors with certain emotions and meanings. For example, many disaster relief and health organizations use red to create a sense of urgency or symbolize health. Many environmental organizations use green since it’s associated with the Earth and growth. Choose colors that communicate your mission.
As you look through the examples in this article, pick out these different components and write down what you like and dislike about the different designs. That way, you can communicate the look you’re envisioning to your graphic designer.