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Make a beautiful book cover, book design, cover design

We’re told from childhood to “never judge a book by its cover.” But in reality, covers offer valuable clues to potential readers about what they may find inside a book.

Books with eye-catching covers are more likely to be picked up from the bookstore shelves (or clicked on when browsing online). And that’s the first step a reader takes before purchasing a book. So how do you design a book cover that sells?

Before you start designing a book cover for yourself or for a client, study up on these nine best practices for designing a high-quality book cover that flies off of the shelves:

1. Gather book cover design inspiration
2. Outline the book’s main themes
3. Consider the genre
4. Use visual hierarchy
5. Get rid of the clutter
6. Think in terms of thumbnails
7. Choose appropriate fonts and colors
8. Make your title stand out
9. Don’t overlook the spine or back cover